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Employment Staff 2022: What do you should think about is finding work with a company in Norway in the absence of an English native? The most frequent question we get is how to get jobs to work in Norway.

Many people have difficulty to understand the language that is as simple over as capabilities and knowledge. The Norwegian work is not only extremely proficient and proficient in English as well, but is also extremely educated.

A significant proportion of the population has an advanced degree. In addition the rate of unemployment is very low in many countries. That means jobs are scarce.

You might be thinking about where to start when you are a foreign candidate who wants to settle and work with family in Norway. What are the most effective places to search for open positions that meet your professional goals? This post will give you general information on careers to aid you in finding work in Norway until 2022.

How to get a job in Norway?

A residence permit is required in order to permit legal immigration in Norway for work. You must first find a job. The type of residence permit you apply for will be contingent on your professional qualifications in addition to your competence as well as the job you’re doing within Norway.

Norway is a difficult place for foreigners to jobs. The advantage of being an native English native speaker is not like different countries. This is because the majority of Norwegians are fluent in English. To succeed in getting the job you want, you’ll require additional professional expertise and experience.

A lot of job openings aren’t announced. The primary purpose is to create an established professional network as soon as possible. This can be challenging if you do not have specific skills within your field. These are factors to be considered when you are looking for jobs within Norway.

  • Learn Norwegian ASAP

  • Start Integrating Immediately (aka volunteer)

  • Develop specialized skills

  • Your professional network

  • Understand Norwegian Social Codes

Language requirements: Fluency in Norwegian could have a major difference to your job and future career. There are a variety of Norwegian languages. The official Norwegian language in Norway is North Sami. This language can be found in Northern regions in Norway.

Jobs in Norway for Foreigners

Below are opportunities for employment in Norway that are offered within the field. Apply for the right job category.

  • Norway has a variety of engineering jobs

  • Norway: Developer Jobs

  • Norway: Teaching jobs

  • Norway: Driving Jobs

  • Norway Tourism Jobs

  • Norway: Legal jobs

  • Norway offers a variety of student jobs

  • Norway Seafood Jobs

  • Norway has numerous oil and gas-related jobs

  • Norway Hotel Jobs

  • Norway Construction Jobs

  • Norway Nursing Jobs

Latest Job Opportunities in Norway for Foreigners 2022

The requirement for a residence permit by those who are from outside the EU/EEA area to be employed in Norway. To work in Norway you’ll need an authorization to reside in Norway if you don’t have one.

It was previously known as the VISA working authorization. This could be for skilled employees and seasonal workers as well as self-employed individuals or ethnic cooks or employees of an un-profit, humanitarian, or religious group.

Norway Jobs for foreigners in 2022: Norwegians value work-life balance So long work hours aren’t typical. A typical week of work runs around 37 hours. It’s typically shorter than that, with a finishing on Friday.

Though most workplaces will have a fixed time, working hours can be altered. Norway’s most successful manager is the open area. Yet, Norwegian fluency is required in the majority of positions. Even foreigners who have been studying Norwegian for a long period of time are prone to making mistakes.

Norway’s most important business is the vitality sector. There are many talented designers on hand to assist. Other areas include marine, delivery, fishing and ICT. Latest job openings in Norway have been announced.

How to Find a Norwegian Job as a Foreigner in Norway?

Norway is one of the Scandanavian countries. Official languages are Nynorsk, Norwegian, and Bokmal. We have collected the required resources to help you locate employment opportunities in Norway as an international.

The majority of job openings in Norway are available through the sites of the agencies and careers portals of businesses. You can see all jobs available in Norway through NAV, the NAV job portal which is a renowned job portal for Norwegian job seeking. Although most of the job openings are posted in Norwegian but you are able to find English-language job openings with pre-defined searches.

General Job Search Engines & Classifieds

Here are sites where you can anticipate an 0.5-1% response rate to your application for employment. We encourage you to test these Norway-based employment agencies.

  • The most popular Norwegian jobs search engine is It is an excellent location to look for jobs in Norway specifically for those who are foreigners.

  • The site includes a number of job ads.

  • Jobbnorge: Norway Jobs for Freshers and Experienced.

  • Oslo Jobs Are you in search of jobs within Oslo?

  • It is the most reliable Norway jobs agency to contact.

  • Jobb Direkte This is where you can upload your application for employment.

  • provides jobs specifically targeted to professionals who speak English.
  • Career Jet: Career Jet is a name I’m sure you’ve been aware of. They offer the most effective job search options in Norway.

  • Indeed Indeed an alternative to the Norwegian equivalent of the largest American job search engine.

  • Learn4Good The Learn4Good job site that can help you locate jobs for newcomers in Norway.

Norwegian Foreigners Get Teaching English Jobs

If you’re able to speak English well and are able to teach, then teaching English jobs may meet your requirements. These job sites offer a variety of teaching English opportunities in Norway. They’re all quite alike. Check out the various Teaching English job opportunity.

  • This site offers many opportunities to ESL job opportunities.

  • Total ESL An overwhelming number of job advertisements in Norway for teaching positions specifically for international students.

  • ESL Cafe: The most prestigious English teaching jobs available in the world which includes Norway.

  • Tesall: Portal for big teaching jobs.

Additional Websites and Blogs to Help You Search for Jobs

  • Just Landed: Just Landed contains great content about jobs abroad. Check it out for an opening for a job in Norway.

  • Prospects These are excellent suggestions for foreigners looking to get a job in Norway and provide information on summer teaching jobs.
  • The life living in Norway: Dave has created this amazing site on LifeinNorway. He provides all the important tasks and other aspects of living expat living in Norway.

This article can aid you in finding work within Norway that are open to foreign nationals. Feel free to comment below for any inquiries regarding jobs In Norway. All the best.

Job Title Location
Teller (30 hours)
Family Development Clerk
Patient Registrar
Data Entry Operator
Help Wanted
Data Entry Operator
District Database Manager
Family Development Coach
The Float Teller (30 hour work)
Personal Banker
Principal Clerk 8 Hrs. (Guidance Secretary) – LHS
Teller I – 20 hrs – new
Machine Operator 7:30 am – 4:00 pm – new
Switchboard Operator – new
Underwriter I
Voice Data Collection Project for Bokmal speakers
IBM Teknisk Service soker Servicetekniker
Partner Manager

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